Monday, November 17, 2014

Papers from the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal's February 2014 FRAND Conference

Some of the papers that were presented at or submitted in connection with the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal (TIPLJ)'s February 21, 2014 IP Symposium on "FRAND and the Antitrust/Intellectual Property Interface," which I live-blogged (links here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), have now been published.  (Some of them also had been presented earlier at a workshop at the University of Florida, which I live-blogged in September 2013, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  My own symposium paper, The Comparative Law and Economics of Standard-Essential Patents and FRAND Royalties, is still awaiting publication; in the meanwhile, the ssrn version can be accessed here.)  The following is a list of the ones that have been published so far.  (I'm actually not 100% sure if Professor Ko's paper was submitted in connection with the symposium, but it fits with the theme.)  The papers do not appear to be available on TIPLJ's website, but readers with a subscription to Westlaw or Lexis should be able to access them.  Moreover, versions of the papers by Professors Sokol & Zheng, Page, Hylton, and Ko are available on ssrn.  

Christopher Yoo, Standard Setting, FRAND, and Opportunism, 22 TIPLJ 69-70 (2013).

D. Daniel Sokol & Wentong Zheng, FRAND in China, 22 TIPLJ 71-93 (2013).

Roger D. Blair & Thomas Knight, Problems in Sharing the Surplus, 22 TIPLJ 95-107 (2013).

William H. Page, Judging Monopolistic Pricing:  F/RAND and Antitrust Injury, 22 TIPLJ 181-208 (2014).

Keith N. Hylton, A Unified Framework for Competition Policy and Innovation, 22 TIPLJ 163-79 (2014).

Haksoo Ko, Facilitating Negotiation for Licensing Standard-Essential Patents in the Shadow of Injunctive Relief Possibilities, 22 TIPLJ 209-21 (2014).


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