Wednesday, January 6, 2021

More on the Ericsson/Samsung Anti-Antisuit Injunction Proceeding

1.  Richard Vary has a post on IPKat titled The Wuhan Submarine surfaces at Christmas in global Ericsson/Samsung SEP battle.  Mr. Vary also links to an article from November 2020 by Douglas Clark titled After Unwired Planet why its now over to Chinas courts to set global FRAND rates.  Both are worth reading.  The authors appear to differ over whether the Chinese courts' recent decisions to accept jurisdiction to set global FRAND rates was a predictable outcome of the U.K. decision in Unwired Planet.  (I'm inclined to agreed with Mr. Clark that it was.)


2.  Ryan Davis has an article on Law360 titled Ex-Fed. Circ. Chiefs Spar Over Ericsson, Samsung Patent Row.  The article notes the different positions taken by former Federal Circuit judges Randall Rader and Paul Michel in this case, with links to the relevant pleadings. 

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