Friday, January 29, 2021

More on Antisuit Injunctions

I devote a small section of my recent paper Is Global FRAND Litigation Spinning Out of Control?, 2021 Patently-O L. Journal 1, to the recent spate of anti- and anti-antisuit injunctions.  Readers interested in this fast-developing topic might also want to take a look at an article by Mathieu Klos published today on JUVE Patent, titled China wakes up in global SEP litigation, which discusses it in some detail.  The article mentions a few developments I wasn't aware of--stating, among other things, that a Munich court in October entered an AASI and an AAAASI (!) against Oppo in regard to the Oppo v. Sharp matter I mention at page 13 of my piece; and that a Munich appellate court yesterday heard an appeal from Xiaomi in regard to an AASI injunction pertaining to the Xiaomi v. InterDigital matter that I mention at pp. 12-13, 20-21.

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