Wednesday, July 29, 2020

More FRAND News

1.  Enrico Bonadio and Luke McDonagh published a post on the Kluwer Patent Blog titled Another CJEU ruling on standard-essential patents and FRAND looks inevitable.  The post discusses, among other things, the German Federal Cartel Office's filing of an amicus brief requesting the Mannheim District Court to refer certain questions relating to SEPs to the Court of Justice for the European Union--among them, whether owners of FRAND-committed SEPs have a duty to license to any entity within the supply chain.  For previous discussion of this issue on this blog, see here, here, here and here.

2.  Also discussing the license-to-all versus access-to-all issue is a post on IPKat titled Academic spotlight (II):  Borghetti, Nikolic and Petit on FRAND licensing levels, which discusses, and takes issue with some of the conclusions, in a paper previously mentioned here.    IPKat also has an interesting post titled Academic spotlight (I):  Sterzi, Rameshkoumar and Van der Pol on NPE Activity, which discusses this recent paper on NPE activity in Europe.

3.  Via the Munich IP Dispute Resolution Forum, Professor Peter Picht hosted expert panels on Sisvel v. Haier (previously discussed here), part 1 featuring Judge Thomas Kühnen, and part 2 three German patent litigators.  Here is the link; the videos are in German. 

4.  On Law360, Bonnie Enslinger published an article titled TCL Seeks To Stay UK Suit In Philips Phone Patent Battle.  The article discusses a hearing earlier this week before the Patents Court for England and Wales, regarding whether the court should stay an upcoming infringement trial between SEP owner Philips and TCL in deference to a pending French action on whether Philips offered TCL a FRAND-compliant license.  

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