Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Some Upcoming Conferences

1.  On October 11-12, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review will host a symposium titled "The Post-Chicago Antitrust Revolution."  Details here.  I understand there will be at least one panel on patent holdup.

2.  On October 18, Oxfirst will host an event titled “Globalizing FRAND” at St. Peter’s College, Oxford.  Details are available here.  I’ll be one of the speakers.

3.  John Marshall Law School will be presenting the 63rd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference in Chicago on November 1.  I will be on the competition law panel.  Here is a link to the conference webpage, from which you can access the program and other information.

4.  FOSS Patents will be putting on an event titled “Component Level SEP Licensing” in Brussels on November 12.  Details here.    

5.  Finally, a belated welcome to the blogosphere to Professor David Taylor's new FedCircuitBlog, which promises "Comprehensive coverage of activities and news regarding the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit." 

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