Wednesday, October 23, 2019

My new casebook: "Remedies in U.S. Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook"

I am pleased to announce that LawCarta has published my new casebook, Remedies in U.S. Patent Law:  An Open-Source CasebookHere is a link, and here is the book description:
Remedies in U.S. Patent Law:  An Open-Source Casebook is a free, 'open' textbook designed for a one or two-credit course in U.S. patent remedies.  The casebook covers the law of permanent and preliminary injunctions, damages, and declaratory judgments. Thomas Cotter has used these materials for courses on patent remedies that he has taught at the University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa. Instructors may request access to the teacher's manual by emailing and creating a LawCarta account.  Model syllabi, upon request.
I will be using this next semester for my course at the University of Minnesota, and would welcome any feedback or comments, as well as questions from anyone who might be interesting in using it for their own course or seminar.  There is also a short teacher's manual available to instructors.

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