Monday, December 7, 2015

Belgian Think Tank Bruegel Sponsors Event on Royalty Stacking

Hat tip to Norman Siebrasse, who called this event which occurred on November 25 to my attention.  Here is a link to Dr. Jorge Padilla's presentation, titled Revisiting the Royalty Stacking Puzzle, in which he introduces a concept he calls the "inverse Cournot effect" as an explanation for why royalty stacking may not be the problem it is sometimes believed to be.  Briefly, if I am understanding Dr. Padilla's theory correctly, it is that the owners of weak patents will constrain themselves from charging too much, in order not to attract a validity challenge; while the owners of strong patents also will constrain themselves from charging too much lest they increase the bargaining power of the owners of the weak patents to charge more than they otherwise would (the "inverse Cournot effect").   I'm not sure I find this latter point entirely convincing, but it may be that I'm not fully grasping it and I'd like to see the paper on which the presentation is based when it becomes available.  Here is a link to the video of the event.

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