Monday, July 12, 2021

Some Upcoming SEP Events

1. OxFirst is putting on a free webinar on July 12 from 13:00-14:00 BST titled Antisuit Injunctions and China Global FRAND Determinations.  Speakers are Richard Vary and Christine Yiu, both of Bird & Bird, and registration is available here.  Here's the webinar description:

Can China set global FRAND rates at the request of the implementer? What are the jurisdictional arguments? Will it issue anti-suit injunctions? What are the likely responses from other courts? Is there a better answer than a race to the courthouse? 

Join Bird & Bird for a discussion of this latest and hottest topic in the world of standards-essential patents.

2.  IAM and GCR have announced an SEP Summit 2021 for September 28-29 on Zoom.  Registration is available here.  From the description:

With the advent of 5G and the third industrial revolution, the licensing of standards essential patents (SEPs) is not only expanding into a number of new industries but is also increasingly attracting the attention of antitrust authorities around the world.

The SEP Summit, being jointly hosted as a virtual event by the IAM and Global Competition Review (GCR) platforms, will bring together SEP thought leaders from both sides of the equation to discuss the key issues they face in developing a framework for SEP licensing that not only works for both originators and implementers, but also from the competition law perspective.

Join policy makers, enforcers, licensors and licensees, as well as their legal advisers, to gain a comprehensive insight into how to safely navigate the ever-changing and potentially perilous SEP landscape.

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