Monday, November 9, 2020

UIC John Marshall Law School IP Conference This Coming Friday

This coming Friday, November 13, UIC John Marshall Law School will be hosting its 64th Annual IP Conference.  Readers of this blog may be particularly interested in the "Global IP Issues" session at 12:20, which will discuss (among other matters) Sisvel v. Haier, Nokia v. Daimler, and Unwired Planet; the "Competition Issues" session at 1:25, which will include discussion of at least some of these same cases along with FTC v. Qualcomm, HTC v. Ericsson, and the Updated DOJ Business Review Letter to IEEE; the "Legal Realism and IP" session at 2:55, which promises to discuss many of these same topics, as well as eBay; and the "IP Law and Policy in 2020-2021" session at 4:10, which promises discussion of SEP licensing in the 5G and IoT environments.  I will be on a different panel myself at 11:15, which will focus on patents and COVID.  Registration and further information is available here. 

Regarding the Updated DOJ Business Review Letter, by the way, which I blogged about here, I wonder who will President-Elect Biden will choose to replace Makan Delrahim as head of the Antitrust Division  and Andrei Iancu as head of the USPTO?  (As far as I can tell, there are no imminent vacancies on the FTC, unless someone voluntarily steps down.)  More importantly, will their successors make it a priority to overturn the (in my view, extreme and misguided) pro-SEP owner policies these two have implemented over the past few years, such as the aforementioned Updated DOJ Business Review Letter and the 2019 USPTO/DOJ/NIST Policy Statement on Injunctions and SEPs?  One can only hope . . . .

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