Monday, November 2, 2020

From Around the Blogs: Antisuit Injunctions in China

Two recent blog posts published elsewhere provide detailed discussion of the antisuit injunctions recently entered by courts in China, in Xiaomi v. InterDigital and Huawei v. Conversant.  If you haven't seen them already, one is by Yang Yu and Jorge Contreras, and is available on Patently-O; the other is by Enrico Bonadio, Luke McDonagh, and Plamen Dinev and is available on SpicyIP.  The latter article states that, in connection with the dispute between Xiaomi and InterDigital, the counterpart court in New Delhi entered an anti-antisuit injunction against Xiaomi on October 9, which I had not known previously.  So what happens next?  Will the Wuhan court enter an anti-anti-antisuit injunction?

Yu and Contreras also provides translations of the two decisions, and note that the Chinese Xiaomi decision breaks new ground in forbidding InterDigital from (1) pursuing parallel litigation anywhere in the world, and (2) requesting any other court to determine a global FRAND rate for its 3G/4G patents.

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