Wednesday, August 19, 2020

From Around the Blogs: Nokia Gets Injunction Against Daimler in Germany, Bill to Limit ITC Jurisdiction, and More

1. Several commentators have noted the recent decision by the Mannheim District Court granting Nokia an injunction against Daimler in case involving a FRAND-committed SEP.  See articles on Bloomberg Law, FOSS, IPKat, Law360, and JUVE.  This certainly seems to resemble the old Orange-Book-Standard framework, more than an application of Huawei v. ZTE.  The CJEU is going to have to get involved in this topic again, I think.

2.  On Law360 Ryan Davis published a article on a bill that would make it more difficult for PAEs to initiate proceedings before the International Trade Commission, and also would highlight the Commission's obligation to consider the public interest before issuing an exclusion order.  These strike me as sound ideas.  Also on Law360 is an article by Matthew Perlman discussing whether the FTC will petition for a rehearing en banc in FTC v. Qualcomm.  It has come to light since last week that Chairman Simons is no longer recused, so this really could go either way depending on his vote.

3.  Finally, and again on Law360, Jack Lu published an article titled Can Big Damages Awards Affect Patent Valuation Dynamics?

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