Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dutch Decision on the Detention of Goods that Allegedly Infringe a FRAND-Encumbered SEP

Yesterday's EPLaw Blog features a summary and translation into English by Bart van den Broek of an October 24 decision of the District Court of the Hague in ZTE Corp. v. Vringo Infrastructure Inc., refusing to lift Dutch customs' detention of certain ZTE-manufactured goods that allegedly infringe a FRAND-encumbered SEP now owned by Vringo.  The court distinguishes the European Commission's Motorola decision on the ground that ZTE has not shown itself to be a willing licensee.  I may have more to say about the case at another time, but for now I commend Mr. van den Broek for making the summary and translation available, and recommend that interested readers check it out.

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