Monday, June 26, 2023

A Couple of Upcoming Speaking Engagements

1.  In two weeks, Chung-lun Shen and I will be presenting our paper Destruction, Proportionality, and Sustainability: A Law-and-Economics Analysis at the 2023 ATRIP Congress in Tokyo.  Here is a link to the conference program.  I am looking forward to getting some feedback on our paper, meeting some old friends (including my former colleague Professor Ruth Okediji), and making some new ones.  I'm also particularly interested in hearing the other presentations on remedies, including Łukasz Żelechowski's Damages for IP infringement: What is the interface between the general principles of liability in civil law and liability for damages in IP law from a European perspective?, and some of the papers discussing the enforcement of IP rights through criminal law.

2. On October 12, I will be on a panel titled "Major U.S. Supreme Court Patent Decisions," at IPIC 2023's annual conference in Winnipeg, Canada (program here).  My co-panelists will be William Milliken and Lilian Wallace, with Ben Hackett moderating.  I'm looking forward to it-- never been to Winnipeg before.  

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