Monday, March 22, 2021

OxFirst Webinar on FRAND: The Unanswered (English) Questions

This coming Thursday, March 25, from 15:00 to 16:00 GMT, OxFirst will be hosting a free webinar titled "FRAND: The Unanswered (English) Questions."  Here is a link to register, and here is the description:

In this webinar, Sophie Lawrance (Partner) and Luke Maunder (Senior Associate) cover the latest developments in English jurisprudence on FRAND and then explore the key unanswered questions the English Court has not definitively decided. It will cover, amongst other things, the nature of actions concerning FRAND in England, the question of damages and FRAND valuation.

Also of FRAND-related interest is a recent article on Law360 by Jorge Contreras, titled A Framework for Evaluating Willingness of FRAND Licensees.  As Professor Contreras states, he presents "three broad categories of implement status," namely "willing, potentially willing, and unwilling," and "three subcategories under each."  He hopes that this taxonomy will help court to evaluate "the willingness of implementers to accept licenses on FRAND terms and, consequently, the acceptability of an SEP holder's attempts to seek injunctive relief against such implementers."    

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