Friday, January 24, 2020

Conferences Next Week at the University of Texas

On Friday and Saturday of next week, the Texas Law Review will host a symposium titled "Remedies in Complex Litigation."  The conference description is:
The symposium is designed to bring together leading thinkers from across the country to present and discuss various perspectives on and applications for complex litigation, from assessments of patent damages to complex-litigation techniques for reparations.
The program on Friday will include a Copyright and Trademark session and the aforementioned Patent Damages session.  Speakers at these two sessions will include Professors Bob Bone, Laura Heymann, Oren Bracha, Zahr Said, Sarah Burstein, John Golden, Liza Vertinsky, Abe Wickelgren, Melissa Wasserman, and Jeremy Bock.  More information is available here.
The day preceding the symposium, there will be a Patent Roundtable, which the University of Texas School of Law's calendar succinctly describes as "Judges and Lawyers coming together to talk about Patent Remedies."  This event is by invitation-only, however.  I will be one of the participants.

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