Friday, December 13, 2019

My week in Taiwan

As I mentioned at the end of November, I had a series of speaking engagements lined up in Taiwan during the first week of December.  I would like to thank Professor Chung-Lun Shen for inviting me, and for his great hospitality in hosting me throughout the week.  I greatly enjoyed  spending time with Professor Shen and his family; meeting and interacting with students, judges, and other academics; and seeing some of the terrific sights around Taipei.  I learned a lot about the Taiwanese law of patent damages, and hope to incorporate some of what I learned into future writing projects.

My schedule for the week was busy.  On Monday, December 2, I gave a talk titled Extraterritorial Damages in Patent Law to the judges of Taiwan's Intellectual Property Court.  I plan to develop this into an article or a portion of an article on extraterritoriality in the near future.  In case readers are interested, here are my slides.  

Tuesday through Thursday, I guest-lectured in Professor Shen's class at National Chengchi University (NCCU) on, respectively, (1) Introduction to Comparative Patent Remedies, (2) Introduction to Standard Essential Patents and FRAND Royalties, and (3) The Comparative Law of Patentable Subject Matter.  

Finally, on Friday, December 6, I gave a presentation titled Damages for Noneconomic Harm in Intellectual Property Law at a Patent Damages Symposium organized by NCCU and National Taiwan University.  Again, in case readers are interested, here are the slides from this presentation.  I am working on a paper on this subject too, and comments on this or on the extraterritorial damages slides would be welcome.

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  1. Heartfelt thanks to Tom for bringing such solid presentation on those cutting-edge issues to NCCU. I am so delighted that you love Taipei and those places you have visited during that week. We do look forward to your another visit hopefully in the future!

    Richard Li-dar Wang / NCCU @ Taipei, Taiwan