Tuesday, November 12, 2019

More Anti-Antisuit Injunction Injunctions

I heard about this yesterday, and now JUVE Patent has a short article on it:  IPCom has obtained not one but two anti-antisuit injunction injunctions against Lenovo, one in Paris and one in London, both directed against litigation in the U.S.  (Story here).  If I come across a copy of any written decisions by either court, I will pass them along.  I have nothing more to add at this point, other than that SEP disputes are certainly giving rise to some unusual procedural maneuvers.

In other news, on Written Description Professor Camilla Hrdy has a post on a new paper by Professor Elizabeth Rowe titled eBay, Permanent Injunctions, and Trade Secrets.  Although my blog focuses on patent remedies, I think many readers will be interested in Professor Rowe's empirical analysis of eBay in trade secret disputes.

Update (12-3-2019):  More on the Paris anti-antisuit injunction on IPKat here.

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