Friday, September 14, 2018

From Around the Blogs

1.  Mark Cohen published a post on the ChinaIPR Blog about the upcoming conference at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement at Trade Shows, at which I also will be participating.  I'm looking forward to learning from Mr. Cohen about enforcement of IP rights at trade fairs in China. 


2. On the IAM Blog, Jacob Schindler posted an article titled Patent Litigation in Japan Should Be More Attractive Option, Says JPO Commissioner.  The article discusses a recent speech in which Commissioner Naoko Munakata "pointed out that raising damages and making evidence collection easier would benefit large Japanese firms by better preparing them for the global patent enforcement environment," and "announced the recent opening of an arbitration centre devoted to SEP disputes in Tokyo."

3.  The EPLaw Blog published a post yesterday noting the publication on my book Patent Wars:  How Patents Impact Our Daily Lives, noting correctly that I "invite[ ] readers to think for themselves, and not necessarily to agree with" me.


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