Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Papers from the February 2017 Patent Damages Conference at the University of Texas

Monday's post listed the papers that were presented at the June 2016 Patent Damages Conference at UT.  There was a follow-up conference in February 2017, and the papers presented there are available in draft on The Review of Litigation (TROL) website.  (I attended the conference as a commenter on Professor Sandrik's paper, which I greatly enjoyed.)  Below is the list: 

John Golden, Discretion in Patent Damages Infringement (Draft):

Mark Janis, Statutory Damages as a Remedy for Design Patent Infringement (Draft)

Karen Sandrik, Punishing the Malicious Pirate in Patent Law (Draft)

Dan Burk, Punitive Patent Liability: A Comparative Examination (Draft)

Ronan Avraham,  Should Courts Award Pain and Suffering Damages in Patent Infringement Cases (Draft)

Anne Layne-Farrar, The Patent Damages Gap: An Economist's Review of U.S. Statutory Patent Damages Apportionment Rules (Draft)

Jennifer Blouin and Melissa Wasserman, Tax Solutions to Patent Damages (Draft)

Hon. Arthur Gajarsa, William Lee, and Douglas Melamed, Breaking the Georgia-Pacific Habit: A Practical Proposal to Bring Simplicity and Structure to Reasonable Royalty Damages Determinations (Draft)

Oskar Liivak, Beyond Circularity: Licensing for Innovation (Draft)

Michael Abramowicz, Cost-Plus Patent Damages (Draft)

Peter Lee, Distinguishing Damages Paid from Compensation Received: A Thought Experiment (Draft)

Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Adjusting Patent Damages for Nonpatent Incentives (Draft)

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