Wednesday, May 31, 2017

From Around the Blogs: More Commentary on Impression Products v. Lexmark

As a follow-up to my posts yesterday on the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Impression Products v. Lexmark, I thought I would refer readers to some interesting blog posts that have been published since yesterday in addition to Jason Rantanen's on Patently-O: one by Lisa Ouellette and Daniel Hemel on Written Description, titled Licensing in the Shadow of Impression Products; one by Florian Mueller on FOSS Patents, titled Supreme Court rules against Lexmark on patent exhaustion, strengthening FTC/Apple cases against Qualcomm; one by Ronald Man on Scotus Blog, titled Opinion analysis: Federal Circuit loses again, as justices categorically reject enforcement of post-sale patent restrictions; and two by Gene Quinn on IP Watchdog, one titled Patent Exhaustion at the Supreme Court: Industry Reaction to Impression Products v. Lexmark, which presents views of several prominent patent lawyers including Professor Michael Risch, and the other titled Supreme Court rules Lexmark sales exhausted patent rights domestically and internationally.

Update:  David Long also has a write-up on the Essential Patents blog.  My apologies for missing this one yesterday. 

Further Update (June 5):  Rahul Bajaj has published two posts on the decision on Spicy IP, here and here.

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