Monday, April 24, 2017

Some Upcoming Events on IP Remedies

1. The Licensing Executives Society will be holding its 2017 Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. on May 9-11.  The schedule for Thursday, May 11 includes a plenary session from 8:45 to 10:00 a.m. titled "How the Judiciary Is Impacting IP Policy-From Setting Policy to Dealing With Policy."  The session will be moderated by Matt Larson, and speakers will include former U.S. District Judge Hochberg, former PTAB Judge Kamholz, and former International Trade Commission Chair Okun.  I'm told the panel will have a strong focus on damages and licensing trends.  There also are sessions on Wednesday, May 10 titled "Legal and Economic Considerations Associated with Litigating at the ITC," and "The Art and Science of IP Valuation:  Methods, Data, and Technology for Market-Based Valution," Here is a link to the event's webpage.

2.  The Liege Competition and Innovation Institute will be hosting a conference titled "Innovation, Research and Competition in the EU:  The Future of Open and Collaborative Standard Setting" in Brussels on May 29-30.  Here is a link to the conference program, and here is a link for anyone interested in registering.  There will be sessions on FRAND, SEP licensing, patent litigation, holdup, holdout, etc.  Should be an interesting event.

3.  On Wednesday, June 7, I will be one of several speakers, along with Niklas Östman and Professor Martin Senftleben,  at the IPR Summer School in Helsinki, Finland, for an afternoon session titled "Compensation for IP Infringements."  I'll be speaking on "IP Remedies and Compensation-Recent Developments in the U.S."  Here is a link to the IPR Summer School's webpage, and here is a link to the page devoted to our session.  

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