Friday, March 18, 2016

Recent Blog Posts on Patent and Antitrust Issues by Bai and Ge, ChinaIPR

Benjamin Bai and (my former student) Yijun Ge have published an interesting post on the Kluwer Patent Blog titled Crossing the Rubicon:  When Does IP Owner Become IP Abuser?  The post discusses the antitrust/IP interface in China, including the Huawei v. InterDigital standard essential patent case, abuse of dominant position, and refusals to deal.  Bai & Ge's post is also quoted, in the context of a discussion on IP/antitrust matters, in this recent post on ChinaIPR (which also posits a "disproportionality" between patent and antitrust damages in China).  Another recent ChinaIPR post discussed the paper by Love, Helmers & Eberhart on patent damages in China, which I blogged about here

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