Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vringo v. ZTE: Romanian FRAND/SEP Case

Some of my readers may already be aware of this case, but I wasn't until I saw a reference to it in an article earlier today.  According to this press release in October 2015 (that is, a few months after the CJEU's decision in Huawei v. ZTE) a Romanian appellate court affirmed the entry of a preliminary injunction in favor of Vringo and against ZTE for the alleged unauthorized use of a FRAND-committed SEP.  If anyone has a copy of the judgment, please send it my way.  I don't read Romanian, but with Google Translate and a knowledge (of varying quality) of some Romance languages, I might be able to at least get the sense of it.


  1. Sir,

    All litigation between ZTE and Vringo ceased on December 18th, 2015 due to a settlement being agreed upon by both parties. Here is a link to PACER document 304 for your review.



  2. Well, apparently I am unable to post a hyperlink in my comment. You will have to perform a search for the information. Here is the case number in the Southern District of NY: Civ. No. 14-cv-4988 (LAK). Document 304.

  3. Thank you--I will look that up. Would still be interesting to get a copy of the Romanian judgment, though, just to see how the court applied the standards announced in the Huawei case.