Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Miscellany: From Around the Blogs

For your weekend reading enjoyment:

1.  The Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog published a post yesterday announcing the publication of a new issue of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle addressing the antitrust/IP intersection, with a special focus on FRAND and SEP issues in Canada, China, India, Japan, and Korea.  I haven't had a chance to read the papers yet myself but will probably report back on some of them in due time.

2.  On FOSS Patents, Florian Mueller has a post titled Oracle moves to disqualify damages expert because Apple v. Samsung is practically Apple v. Google, which discusses not only the pending copyright matter between Oracle and Google but more generally the use of court-appointed damages experts.

2.  The Kluwer Patent Blog published an interesting post earlier this week on a FRAND session at the recent AIPPI meeting in Rio, which included among others as panelists Judges Peter Meier-Beck, James Robart, and Judge André Fontes (of Brazil's Federal Court of Appeals).

3.  Kluwer also has a post on the draft bill in the U.K. amending the statute on groundless threats to sue for infringement.

4.  On Sufficient Description, Norman Siebrasse has a post on the recovery of costs in Canada, which he describes as a hybrid of U.S. and U.K. practice leading to "the worst of both worlds."

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