Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Upcoming Conferences on PAEs, FRAND, Antitrust & IP . . .

I'll be participating in some upcoming events that might be of interest to readers who happen to be in the relevant areas.

First, on Wednesday, May 21, I'll be presenting "Do Patent Assertion Entities Help or Hinder Innovation?  A Review of the Principal Arguments" at the University of Minnesota Law School's Third Annual Patent Symposium, "Non-Practicing Entities: Abusive 'Patent Trolls' or Free Enterprise Drivers of Innovation?"  The event is cosponsored by Briggs & Morgan and will run from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Other speakers will include my colleague Ruth Okediji; Briggs attorneys Michael Lafeber, Karen McDaniel, and Dan Rosenberg; and Erik Drange of 3M.  Attendance is free and CLE credits have been requested.  Further information is available here and here.

Second, I'll be participating in a workshop at American University's Washington College of Law on Friday, May 30, which is being organized by Professor Jorge Contreras to "explore and develop a research agenda surrounding “patent pledges”, voluntary commitments made by patent holders to limit their enforcement or utilization of patents to promote broader social or economic gains."  This one I believe is by invitation only.  Although it may not be directly relevant to the workshop topic, I'm hoping to have the opportunity at least informally to discuss some ideas on FRAND licensing that Norman Siebrasse and I are planning to put together in a forthcoming paper.
Third, I'll be speaking at Global Competition Review's Live 2d Annual IP & Antitrust Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday, June 23, sponsored by Shearman & Sterling.  Speakers will include Professors Nicolas Petit and David Teece as well as several economists and representatives from law firms and industry.  I'll be on a panel discussing "Patent 'hold up'-the theoretical and empirical basis for antitrust intervention."  Further information is available here.  It would be a pleasure to meet up with some of my European readers while I'm there.  

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