Thursday, April 3, 2014

PatCon 4: The Annual Patent Conference

Just a reminder, particularly to readers who happen to be in the Southern California area, that tomorrow and Saturday (April 4-5) the University of San Diego Law School will be hosting PatCon 4:  The Annual Patent Conference, which it bills as "the  largest annual conference for patent scholars in the world."  Among the speakers will be Andrew Byrnes (Chief of Staff, USPTO); Federal Circuit Judge Kathleen O'Malley; U.S. District Judges Benitez, Gallo, and Sabraw; and a broad range of academics, including John Duffy, Mark Lemley, Michael Meurer, and David Schwartz, who will be debating the questions of whether hostility to patent trolls is "well  justified  theoretically or empirically" and whether said hostility "will likely result in bad law."

I probably won't be live-blogging this event, but the last session on Saturday (from 3:15-4:45) is on patent law remedies.  I will be speaking during this session on "Wrongful Patent Enforcement:  A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis," and my copanelists will be Professors Gaia Bernstein ("The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation and the Attorney Fee Shifting Debate"), Norman Siebrasse ("Accounting of Profits and Optimal Deterrence"), and David Taylor ("Using Reasonable Royalties to Value Patented Technology"). 

More information on the conference is available here

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