Monday, April 24, 2023

OxFirst Webinar on FRAND Royalty Determination

OxFirst will be putting on a free webinar tomorrow (April 25) at 16:00 BST titled "FRAND Royalty Rate Determination."  Here is OxFirst's description:


How much to charge for the use of standard essential patents is core to business and legal decisions alike. Therefore, the question as to how determine FRAND royalty rates remains a key element of the debate on standard essential patents, and we are privileged to be joined in this webinar by two key speakers who approach it from differing angles. Dan Lang and Jeffrey Blumenfeld will offer a “point-counterpoint” discussion of some of the principles involved and some of the approaches taken to royalty rate calculation, drawing on decades of experience in this space, so to provide invaluable insights to those seeking to come to grips with the crucial question of FRAND royalty rate determination.

 Registration is available here.


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