Thursday, December 1, 2022

OxFirst Webinar on FRAND

OxFirst will be putting on a free webinar tomorrow (December 2) from 15:00 to 16:00 GMT titled "Perspectives on the Valuation of FRAND, Injunctions, and Licensing Commitments in the UK."  Here is OxFirst's description:


The panelists will present on their analysis of FRAND valuation methods and licensing commitments arising from Unwired Planet vs Huawei. Maurits Dolmans will present his recent paper ‘FRAND licensing commitments – Back to first principles’ where he argues for a re-evaluation of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case and suggests the court should have looked at competition law differently. Dr Roya Ghafele, OxFirst Director, will present her paper, ‘A valuation perspective on the FRAND injunction issued in Unwired Planet vs Huawei’, in which she presents an analysis of the valuation methods used in the case to allow a quantification of the value of a FRAND injection. Both papers feature in World Patent Information’s special collection on Standard Essential Patents and the discussion will be moderated by Jane List, Editor-in-Chief of World Patent Information. 

 Registration is available here.

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