Friday, May 13, 2022

Kiefer and Walesch on Antisuit Injunctions

Miriam Kiefer and Benedikt Walesch have published an article titled Antix-Suit-Injunctions in a nutshell—Ein Beitrag zum Verständis eines jungen Begleitphänomens in SEP-Streitigkeiten (“Antix-Suit Injunctions in a nutshell—A Contribution Toward Understanding A Recent Phenomenon Accompanying SEP Disputes”), in the March 2022 issue of Mitteilungen der deutschen Patentanwälten, pp. 97-106.  Here is the abstract (my somewhat free translation, from the German):


          Antix-Suit Injunctions are a relatively new phenomenon accompanying international SEP disputes.  Patent implementers and owners use these injunctions to affect the conditions under which SEP disputes may be prosecuted.  A closer look at these injunctions reveals not only their multifaceted legal features, but also tensions between the legal systems of different states.

The superscript “x” after “Anti”, of course, reflects the fact that there can be anti-antisuit injunctions, and further permutations thereof.  

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