Friday, October 1, 2021

OxFirst Webinar on Patent Damages Under English Law

OxFirst is presenting a free webinar next Tuesday, October 5, from 15:00-16:00 GMT (that’s 11:00 a.m. Eastern time), titled "Damage Calculations in Patent Infringement Cases under English Law."  From the description:


In this webinar we discuss the key tenets of damage calculations in patent infringement cases, assess opportunities and limitations under the current law and offer an outlook on potential developments in a Post Brexit era.


In the United Kingdom, the calculation of damages is undertaken after patent infringement has been demonstrated. The patentee can choose between damage awards or account of profits. Damage awards can be described as a monetary compensation that seeks to put the injured party in the same position as if infringement had not happened (the status quo ante). Account of profits again assess the infringer’s profits that can be associated with the infringed patent. In that respect a patentee is allowed limited access to the infringer’s financial statements.

Chairing the event with be Professor Enrico Bonadio.  Speakers include Patrick Cantrill and Professor Roya Ghafele.  Registration here.

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