Thursday, June 17, 2021

OxFirst 6th Annual IP and Competition Forum: The Future of FRAND

OxFirst will be putting on its 6th IP And Competition Forum, titled "Standard Essential Patents & FRAND," next week, June 23-25, from 13:00 BST – 18:00 BST each day. Registration is available here.  Information below:

Day 1: June 23


    Where in the Supply Chain should one take a license?  
    Updates on Recent FRAND Disputes
    Essentiality Perspectives on SEPs              

    Key Presenters

    CEO of the UKIPO
    Mr Vajda QC, Monckton chambers, visiting Professor in King’s College London, previous Judge at CJEU
    Representatives from Nokia & Audi…

Day 2 : June 24


    The FRAND Defense  
    Anti-suit Injunctions
    Propotionality of injunctions            

   Key Presenters:

    Madame Sabotier, Head & Judge, 3rd chamber Civil Court and Head of 3rd Chamber
    Dr Zigann, Presiding Judge, Landgericht Munich
    Professor Picht, University of Zurich
    Representatives from Siemens, Deutsche Telekom…

Day 3: June 25


    Standard essential patents & AI
    Should the mandate of Standard Setting Organisations be expanded?
    International perspectives on FRAND

   Key Presenters:

    Sir Nicholas Forwood, White & Case, Counsel & former Judge at CJEU
    Lord Justice Arnold, Judge at the Court of Appeal of England and Wales
    Representatives from IBM, Philips and Panasonic…

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