Monday, April 19, 2021

World IP Forum

From April 26 through May 5, the India-based World IP Forum 2021 will be running prerecorded presentations by speakers from the around the world (including me).  Registration is available here.  My presentation will run on Saturday, May 1; in the conference agenda, it is titled SEP/FRAND at the Crossroads, but (as you'll see if you watch it) I wound up renaming the presentation after the paper on which it is based, my article on the Patently-O Law Journal titled Is Global FRAND Litigation Spinning Out of Control?  There will be several other FRAND-related presentations, including some by judges (including, among others, Judge Peter Meier-Beck, Judge Edger Brinkman, and Lord Justice Christopher Floyd). 

Also of interest to readers of this blog may be this April 21 event, sponsored by IPKat and the London School of Economics, which promises to "delve into the big questions before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the Nokia v Daimler referral from the Düsseldorf court."

Update:  Here is another event of possible interest to readers:  an OxFirst free webinar, coming up on April 29, titled "What does SEPs and FRAND mean for players in the distribution chain."

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