Wednesday, February 24, 2021

University of Texas Symposium on Financing and Damages in IP Litigation

On Friday, March 5, from 9 to 5 Central Time, the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal will be hosting a virtual symposium titled "Show Me the Money:  Financing and Damages in IP Litigation."  I'll be one of the speakers.  Registration information is available here; the agenda follows:

		Show Me the Money: Financing and Damages in IP Litigation image

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  1. Dear Prof. Cotter, I present at 1:00 at the Symposium. I am planning to hang around in cyberspace to hear your presentation. I am tremendously interested in modern economic analyses of our well-worn legal approaches. Many thanks for what I know will be an engrossing analysis. I guest lecture in Minneapolis, at St. Thomas. To purchase my book (singular), here is link: It is a gripping read about administrative law practice, I promise! See you on Zoom. Best, Lisa Miller