Friday, September 13, 2019

Research Handbook on Patent Law and Theory, Second Edition

I recently received a copy of a new edited volume, titled Research Handbook on Patent Law and Theory:  Second Edition (Toshiko Takenaka ed., Edward Elgar Publishing 2019).  Here is a link to Elgar's webpage for the book, and below is the table of contents.  I mention it here because three of the chapters focus on patent enforcement:  Tilman Müller-Stoy's chapter titled Patent enforcement in Germany, Christoph Rademacher's chapter titled The theory and practice of patent damages in Japan and the US;  explaining the differences that remain; and Rochelle C. Dreyfuss's chapter titled Resolving patent disputes in a global economy.  I may publish a follow-up post on some or all of these individual chapters.
1. History of the patent system
John N. Adams

2. International treaties and patent law harmonization: today and beyond
Tomoko Miyamoto

3. Patents and policies for innovations and entrepreneurship
Ove Granstrand

4. Trilateral cooperation – mutual exploitation of search and examination results among patent offices – has been evolving into Global Cooperation as in the case of IP5 Offices
Shinjiro Ono

5. Patenting software-related inventions in Europe
Stefan Schohe, Christian Appelt, and Heinz Goddar

6. Patenting inventions in medical sciences
Jan B. Krauss

7. A comparative approach to the inventive step
Amy L. Landers

8. The Lilly written description requirement: A doctrinal ‘wild card’ of uncertain effect
Christopher M. Holman

9. Claim construction under U.S. and German patent acts: wording used in the claims and the invention disclosed in the specification
Toshiko Takenaka and Christof Karl

10. The scope of patent protection for spare parts and its extension through other tools of intellectual property
Horst Peter Götting and Sven Hetmank

11. Patent enforcement in Germany
Tilman Müller-Stoy

12. The theory and practice of patent damages in Japan and the U.S. – explaining the differences that remain
Christoph Rademacher

13. Resolving patent disputes in a global economy
Rochelle Dreyfuss

14. Specialized IP courts: the Unified Patent Court (UPC)
Stefan Luginbuehl and Dieter Stauder

15. Pharmaceutical patents
John Thomas

16. Patent litigation reform in the United States
Greg Reilly

17. Design patent—utility patent intersection
Xuan Thao Nguyen

18. Current controversies concerning patent rights and public health in a world of international norms
Cynthia Ho

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