Friday, August 7, 2015

Wright & Ginsburg's Comments on the Japan Fair Trade Commission's Draft FRAND Guidelines

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (link here) that the Japan Fair Trade Commission was soliciting comments on its draft partial amendments to its Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property Under the Antimonopoly Act.  (Submission deadline was yesterday.)  As reported earlier this week on the Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog, U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner Joshua Wright and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Douglas Ginsburg have submitted comments (available here).  They argue against the proposed amendments.  I would be interested in seeing and possibly linking to other comments that have been submitted, if readers are willing to share them with me.

Aside from the above, I will be taking a blogging break from now until Monday, August 17.  Until then, feel free to read any of the over 400 posts archived on this blog, all available for your entertainment and erudition.

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