Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Edition of the Véron Treatise on Saisies-Contrefaçon

I recently was pleased to receive a complementary copy of the trilingual (French, English, and German) version of the third edition of Véron et Associés' treatise Saisie-Contrefaçon.  (For readers who are not familiar with it, the saisie-contrefaçon is a pretrial order used in France to obtain evidence of infringement.  I briefly discuss the procedure in my book at p.230).  Dr. Klaus Grabinski (Judge of the German Federal Supreme Court) and Sir Robin Jacob (formerly Lord Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeals of England and Wales) contribute forewords.  The book also includes a chapter on the saisie-description in Belgium, and annexes discussing among other things analogous procedures before the Unified Patent Court and national laws in other European countries.  Should be a very useful resource for European practitioners and scholars. 

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