Friday, April 3, 2015

CPI Antitrust Chronicle Issues on Patents and Antitrust

As reported by Professor Danny Sokol on the Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog (here and here), CPI Antitrust Chronicle has now published a two-issue symposium that Professor Sokol organized on "Antitrust and Patent Issues."  Here is a link to the journal's website, from which the individual articles can be accessed.  The articles in issue 1 include the following:

8. Yoonhee Kim & Hui Jin Yang, A Brief Overview of Qualcomm v. Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Issue 2 includes the following:

1.  Jorge Contreras, Standards, Royalty Stacking, and Collective Action

2. James Rill & James Kress, The Application of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law to Essential Patent Licensing: The NDRC/QUALCOMM Action

3. Michael Lindsay & Konstantinos Konstantinos, Updating a Patent Policy: The IEEE Experience

4. Hugh Hollman, IEEE Business Review Letter: The DOJ Reveals Its Hand

5.  Roy Hoffinger, The 2015 DOJ IEEE Business Review Letter: The Triumph of Industrial Policy Preferences Over Law and Evidence  (Roy, tell us what you really think!)

6.  John Harkrider, Original Sin (Does not appear to be a theological treatise)

7.  Jay Jurata & Adya Baker, Apples and Oranges: Comparing Assertions of SEPs and Differentiating Patents from an Antitrust Perspective

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