Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Book: Patent Law in Global Perspective, edited by Professors Okediji and Bagley

My colleague Ruth Okediji and University of Virginia Professor Margo Bagley have just published a new edited volume, Patent Law in Global Perspective (Oxford Univ. Press 2014).  The volume contains articles on a wide variety of topics by well-known patent academics including not only Professors Okediji and Bagley but also Rochelle Dreyfuss, Arti Rai, Dan Burk, and Christopher Heath (among many others).  Part Five of the volume includes five papers grouped under the heading "TRIPs Compliance, Patent Enforcement, and Patent Remedies," including my own A Research Agenda for the Comparative Law and Economics of Patent Remedies, which offers something of a foretaste of what was to become my book Comparative Patent Remedies.  (Because there are so many contributors, these edited volumes sometimes can take a long while on the journey from conception to publication.)  I'm happy the book is out and I hope it sells well.

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